Why are Used Cars so Popular Among Customers? – Top Reasons to Know

Why are Used Cars so Popular Among Customers? – Top Reasons to Know

May 2022

What can be more exciting than planning and purchasing a car! Almost as soon as the thought of buying a vehicle comes to mind, we want to instantly go to the market and drive home our dream car. While it can be literally as easy as said, several factors need to be kept in mind before the actual purchase is done and popularity of used cars is one of them.

Vehicle Type, Car Brand, Year & Make-Model, Price, Features & Options, Color, Mileage, and availability in the market; there are a few aspects that can influence the purchasing descision. Skyline Auto Group LTD recommend a through market research before any purchase is done. Buying a new car seems can be an attractive proposition because its advantges cannot be overlooked when it utlized in the long run.

Listed below are some reasons that make the purchase of used cars more popular among customers

1. Pricing – Pricing of a new car is always more than that of its previous launch. In comparison, used cars are available in many price ranges, which depends on many other elements. Each seller of a used car determines the value of his car independent of market conditions and lists it accordingly. There is always a scope of negotiation and the sale price gets finalised as per a mutual agreement between the buyer and seller. However, This is not possible in case of new cars where the pricing is dependent and determined by market and competition conditions. Used cars therefore become an obvious choice for buyers who are price conscious.

2. Huge range to choose from – In case of used cars, there are several options available with same make & model as well as similar vehicle type. Once a purchaser decides, which brand of car he wants to purchase, a huge range of options of that brand name get available. For example, if he wants to buy a used Toyota, Ford, and Jeep cars in Surrey BC, then in the marketplace British Columbia he can find many sellers of this make/model. He can browse through available inventory and choose which one to procced with. In case of new cars, the buyer is limited by what the car brand/s are launching new. If his choice matches the availability only then he can proceed with the purchase.

3. Instant Delivery – Used cars have an instant availability. Once all the sale -purchase terms are agreed upon;, the customer can drive home his car. However, in case of a brand new car, pre-booking is done and delivery is planned as per availability of inventory. This is a major factor that influences the choice between used and new car.

4. Low Depreciation Cost – One major advantage of buying a used car is that the depreciation cost has already been borne by the first buyer. The core advantage of used car is that car buyer gets offsets any other price/cost detriment that comes with the purchase. When you are first buyer of any used vehicle, you get to pay much below the market price while still enjoying the benefits of a Like new car ! This cost depreciation advantage attracts many buyers towards used car purchase.

5. Better shopping experience – When you are looking for buying a used car, there are many marketplaces where these are listed both by individual sellers as well as used car dealerships. It becomes easier to browse and compare features and prices then take your decision of buying.

Similarly, when you visit a used car dealer, you can compare and test drive cars of different brands and then decide which one meets your requirement the most. In case of a new car purchase, you need to shop from specified company owned shops or franchisees and need to visit many of these if wanting to make a choice between car brands. Used car dealers offer many makes & models under the same roof that makes decision making easier and faster. This is not so in case of new cars where comparison of price and features take time and can delay purchase.

In today’s time, driving a car is more of a necessity than luxury and personal and professional requirement often require an almost instant and hassle-free purchase of the vehicle. For this reason customers often prefer buying a used car than a new one.

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