How to Get the Best Deal From a Used Car Dealership in Surrey?

How to Get the Best Deal From a Used Car Dealership in Surrey?

June 2023

The moment you take your brand-new car out of a showroom, its value will depreciate, and over time, it will depreciate even more. Although buying a new car seems lucrative, new cars are priced high due to high manufacturing costs, dealership fees, and depreciation. Earning money isn’t easy, but spending it is. Considering this, it’s a wise decision to spend your hard-earned money on the purchase of used cars because used cars have already experienced their steepest depreciation, allowing you to get more value for your money. And not only that, by choosing to buy a used car, you can buy a high-end model from a premium brand at a much lower price than by buying a brand-new car. Additionally, used cars come with lower insurance costs. So, in every way, buying a used car is value for money.

If you are looking for a used car dealer in Surrey, BC, we just hope you get the best deal, and this guide can help you.

10 Tips to Get the Best Deal From a Used Car Dealership:

Set up a Budget

We can’t run out of money, right? The best solution is to fix a budget. The recommended way to decide on a budget is to consider your financial situation, income, expenses, and investments. This approach will help you maintain a balance between your desire for a car and a stable financial position.

Decide your Car

Decide for what purpose you want a car! Decide what type of car you are looking for!
The purpose of purchasing the car can help you decide what type of car is suitable for you. You have various options, like an SUV, hatchback, sedan, van-minivan, coupe, or truck crew cab. Then, also decide upon the brand you want to go for. Don’t forget to consider the age and how many kilometers it should have traveled. It provides you with clarity and makes your purchasing decision easy.

Research for Dealers

I hope at this point you have an idea about the type and brand of car you wish to go for. So, the next step is to look for used car dealerships. Research the market value of similar used cars to estimate the price range. This information empowers you to make informed decisions, and no one will be able to trap you by selling you the car at a high price.

Compare Dealerships

As you have done all the research regarding price and dealers, it is best to go with a car dealer who has been in the business for years and has a good market reputation to avoid issues related to customer service support. An experienced and professional company may also offer some additional or post-sale services. You can also contact Skyline Auto Group, we have been in business for the last 11 years.

Check the Vehicle History

Before buying the vehicle, make sure to obtain the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the car. It will provide you with all the details about the car’s accident history, previous ownership, mileage, and other important details. You can check the history of the vehicle using services like Carfax or AutoCheck. This will help you make an informed choice and ensure satisfaction and peace of mind in your buying decision.

Inspect the Car

Since you are going to spend a fortune buying the car, it is crucial to inspect it thoroughly. To make an intelligent decision and prevent a regrettable choice, it is a good idea to do a comprehensive check to verify the quality and condition of the vehicle. Check whether there are any signs of damage, wear, and tear, or mechanical issues. If you don’t know much about cars, you can take a trusted mechanic with you for a thorough inspection.

Test Drive

A test drive gives you the opportunity to assess the car’s performance firsthand. You can evaluate the car’s condition and quality based on factors such as acceleration, braking, steering response, and overall handling. Also, pay attention to any unnecessary noises or excessive vibrations, because these might indicate mechanical issues, worn-out components, or suspension problems. Additionally, you can access the overall comfort of the car and its ergonomics, which include seating position, leg space, and interior comfort. Therefore, it is important to test drive the car before making a purchase in order to feel sure about its condition and performance.


To get the best deal possible, effective negotiation is the key. The salesperson will try to enhance your budget range, but you have to stick to your budget. Once you have finalized your car, start with the lower price and be prepared to walk away if the price does not meet your budget. No salesperson would want to let go of a potential customer. If they see you walking away, chances are they will lower their prices. But make sure to be realistic with your price expectations and be polite during the negotiations.

Warranty and Return Policies

Even after carefully evaluating the vehicle and giving it a test drive, there is still a possibility that you could face problems like car malfunctions. Therefore, it is better to inquire about the warranty coverage provided by the dealership and ensure a clear understanding of its terms and conditions. Also, ask them about the return policy in case you have any issues with the automobile soon after buying it. This will give you confidence in the purchase decision made by the dealer.

Get Everything in Writing

To ensure clarity and legal protection, get everything in writing regarding the car details, negotiating terms and conditions, the warranty, the return policy, and other necessary details. The documentation acts as valid proof of the deal and provides accountability on both sides regarding fulfilling obligations. And don’t forget to go through the document and read everything carefully before signing it. Getting everything in writing assures our peace of mind.


Getting the best deal from a used car dealership becomes easy with the aforementioned tips. Skyline Auto Group is best known for its used car dealerships in Surrey. Skyline Auto Group has sustained itself in the industry for more than a decade, and all of this is possible because of the trust of its customers and its reliability. To buy a used car for sale, contact us at +1(604) 503-2886.

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